About us

For many years, FOREX Technology has been a market leader in manufacturing electronic equipment for SHREDDING AND SECURITY processing. By combining a desire for innovation and a commitment to produce high quality equipment, FOREX has earned a leading position among the producers of office equipment.

During many years «FOREX Technology» high-quality equipment brand has been one of the market leaders in electronic equipment manufacturing for SHREDDING proceeding. The product range includes more than 100 model lines of different devices. All MODELS are convenient and simple in use. Professional engineers and designers are permanently working at the development and improvement of new devices and at the increasing of their operational capacities. Even the most available and popular models are constantly improved. Simplicity in use and affordability, the operation convenience; these are the distinctive features of «FOREX Technology» equipment.

Why Shred ?

There's more at risk than you think. Find out why your sensitive and confidential information needs special handling to avoid fines, lawsuits, reputation damage and lost business.


• Heavy duty machine

• Recognized Brand Leader

• Dedication to Customer Service

5 years guaranteed for cutting knives